Afrique One-ASPIRE : Official launch of the program

"I declare on behalf of the Government of Côte d'Ivoire the official launch of the Africa One-ASPIRE Program". It is through these words that Prof. Thiam Assane, Director of the Cabinet of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research of Côte d'Ivoire, officially launched the second phase of the capacity-building program for African researchers on zoonotic diseases Transmissible from animals to humans initiated by the Afrique One consortium. It was Thursday, July 21, 2016 at the Radisson Blu Hotel Abidjan during a press conference. The media and illustrious personalities from the world of scientific research and the diplomatic corps with Swiss Ambassador in Ivory Coast, Thomas Litscher, enhanced the image of the ceremony by their presence. The Prof. Francis Akindès, President of the scientific council of the Alassane Ouattara University of Bouaké and Prof. Bassirou Bonfoh, Director General of the Swiss Center for Scientific Research in Côte d'Ivoire (CSRS) and Director of Afrique One, have also marked the launch of Afrique One-ASPIRE through their communications.

Reconciling science and society
Reconciling science and society. Thus one can summarize the communication of Prof. Akindès, whose topic was "Dialogue between science and society". It has not failed to emphasize the importance of science in society. For him, "it is by inventing (...) that one counts in the history and in the arena of the nations" although to his great displeasure, "scientific progress has become today, Scepticism ". To do so, he adds, "there is a growing need for them to show their contribution to a better life."

Contribute to "a better life" through the "One Health" approach to disease control and elimination
Contribute to "a better life" by eliminating zoonoses through the One Health approach; An approach that aims to take into account both the health of the environment, human health and the health of the animal. This is essentially one of the objectives of Afrique One-ASPIRE. To achieve this goal, Afrique One-ASPIRE will strengthen the capacities of future generations of African researchers. According to Prof. Bassirou Bonfoh, the program will train "400 undergraduate students", "18 Masters", "16 PhD" and "13 Post docs". Afrique One-ASPIRE also plans to launch in November 2016 a free online course (MOOC) on the "One Health" concept and interdisciplinary research. Training researchers will cover topics on canine rabies, tuberculosis, brucellosis, and foodborne illness. They will also monitor emerging diseases to provide adequate responses. Afrique One-ASPIRE is funded by a Consortium of donors consisting of the Wellcome Trust, UKAID, the African Academy of Science and the African Union through NEPAD. It covers seven (7) African institutions (CSRS, EISMV, NMIMR, IRED, SUA, NM-AIST, Beca/ILRI) and six (6) others African partner (NMIR, TAWIRI, UDSM, MAKUN, KCRI/KCMC, MUHAS ) and two institutions partner in the North (Glasgow University and Swiss TPH) in eight (8) countries (Côte d'Ivoire, Senegal, Ghana, Chad, Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, England and Switzerland).

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