The GLP accreditation process in progres at CSRS

A delegation of two experts composed of Dr. Graham Small and Dr. Alex Wright from the Innovative Vector Control Consortium (IVCC) visited the CSRS from Wednesday 4 to Thursday 5 January 2017 in the framework of implementing Good Laboratory Practices (GLP) process in CSRS anti-vector control laboratories. They had a working session on the first day with the CSRS team under the chairmanship of the CSRS Director General, Professeor Bassirou Bonfoh, who enhanced the attendance ceremony. Professor Bonfoh, first presented the functioning and major activities of the CSRS and the Agency's advances in vector control research through the establishment of a special unit for vector control. And then, Dr. Graham presented the international context for the implementation of this major project and its objectives. It emerged from his presentation that the purpose of the GLP is that all institutions working with IVCC must have GLP accreditation to better attract vector control projects. Concerning the CSRS, Dr. Graham said he was sure that "much progress has been made but there are still some efforts to be made on certain points", he reassured. In addition, IVCC received the necessary funding from the Donor to finance the entire process: visits such as this one to help centers go towards certification, training workshops, rehabilitation or construction of some infrastructure. The GLP accreditation allows anti-vector control research institutions, which obtain it, to deal directly with companies to carry out tests, without going through the World Health Organization (WHO). Moreover, the choice of these institutions depends on several factors including expertise, ability to take several projects, ability to test products on several types of mosquitoes. In this context, the CSRS will soon be contacted by WHO for the updating of the matrix of reference centers. At the end of these exchanges, various entities of the CSRS, which are part of the project, were visited: computer and documentation units of the information system and technology department, the animal house, the insectary, laboratories and the supply unit for procurement. The next day, the delegation traveled to Tiassale north-west of Abidjan to visit the CSRS research station there. These two days of the visit allowed the delegation to set up the GLP accreditation process which will enable the CSRS to become a reference center for IVCC according to the new WHO standards.

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