CSRS Board of Directors: Strengthening the integrity of research

The CSRS Board of Directors met on Thursday 1st June 2017 in its first session of the year. A highlight of this Board chaired by Professor Thiam Assane, Director of the Cabinet of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research was the first participation of Professor Marcel Tanner as the new President of the Swiss Academy of Natural Sciences (SCNAT).   As a prelude to this session, the traditional meeting with CSRS staff was held in the Norbert Behi room of CSRS. Professor Tanner has, as usual, emphasized the need to preserve the integrity of research. Indeed, according to him, the researcher wants to be an observer of the facts that he subjects to a scientific process to understand them and then transfer his results to the decision makers. It is therefore not appropriate for the researcher to become an activist. He also welcomed the work carried out at the head of Swiss TPH by his successor, Prof. Jürg, who has since taken office, worked to strengthen the scientific partnership with CSRS.   As a result of this meeting the members of the Board met for 4 intense hours of work. The various financial audit reports were reviewed and the call for candidacies for the succession of Prof. Bonfoh at the head of CSRS was also discussed. The current Director of CSRS has to pass the torch in July 2018, it is quite naturally that the Board looks forward to a smooth transition to be identified through a competitive call the next Director General. Following the example of the aforementioned personalities, this session of the Board was also enhanced by the presence of Mr. Thomas Litcher, Ambassador of Switzerland in Côte d'Ivoire.

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