Chimpanzees, a source of medical knowledge

Afrique One Aspire [1] a research and training programme aiming at training a generation of researchers and practitioners in Africa to eliminate zoonoses, has just celebrated the publication of its first article in the scientific journal ‘The Conservation’.  

This article, published in June 2018, is a recognition for the work done over the past few years, which shows that certain plants that chimpanzees enjoy could also cure diseases in humans.  

For this, the researchers studied the eating habits and behavior of wild chimpanzees in Taï National Park, in southwestern Côte d'Ivoire, through an identification and analysis of the leaves, fruits and stems of plants that these primates eat.  

"Our research focused mainly on the medicinal properties of the plants they consume," reads the study that analyzed about 132 extracts from 27 plants chosen according to the frequency with which they are consumed, the time allotted to their consumption and the quantity consumed.  

"Twenty-four extracts (18%) of these plants eliminate bacteria and six (5%) destroy the yeasts causing candidiasis," says the study.  

Read the full article on SciDev.Net?

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