International Women's Day / CSRS honours its women

For the celebration of International Women's Day, the General Director of the CSRS has decided to honour its women. To this end, on Friday, March 08, a lunch was offered to them, headed by the General Director, Prof. Inza Koné.

Thus, all dressed in the official loincloth of the International Women's Day - loincloths that they each received from the General Director, they responded massively to this invitation. Before the festivities began, the General Director insisted on paying tribute to the women who are the pride of the CSRS, by their dynamism, their self-sacrifice, their ability that contribute in an efficient way, to the influence of the CSRS. Following these few words, the buffet was opened. Moreover, for the occasion, the men of the institution insisted on doing the service of meals for ''their wives''.

Dr. AKA Solange, speaking on behalf of all women, did not fail to express their gratitude “for the actions undertaken to promote the women of this institution”. She also stressed that women will always continue to work for the good functioning of the CSRS. Before concluding the ceremony, the General Director reassured the women of the General Directorate's willingness to always involve women at all levels, in all projects and activities related to the CSRS. As a reminder, women represent 30% of the CSRS workforce.

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