Second edition of the African Ecology and Climate Change Days (JFAC) / CSRS partner

Abidjan is preparing to host the African Days of Ecology and Climate Change (JFAC) from 18 to 21 March 2019. The first West African forum for the exchange and market of good ecological practices and green technologies, this meeting is intended to be a sub-regional platform for sharing experiences and expertise around the theme: "Energy and ecological transitions in Africa".

Organized by the Network of African Ecology Experts (REFACC) with the support of the Ivorian authorities and partners in this sector, the objective of these days is to raise awareness towards sustainable consumption and production patterns, eco-responsible behaviour, establish active partnerships, consolidate new green business opportunities. This is achieved through exchanges and networking facilitation offered by a platform of nearly 1000 decision-making, structural, functional and finally operational opportunities for decision-makers in States and other relevant actors on issues related to sustainable development and climate change.

The CSRS, which is committed to issues related to climate change and sustainable development, did not want to remain on the sidelines of this event. As a partner, the CSRS will animate a stand there. Visitors will be able to discover the CSRS, its functioning, expertise, training, research projects and actions in favor of communities. They will also be able to touch with their fingertips the results of research carried out in these fields and the impact of all this research on the daily lives of populations. In parallel, the CSRS will lead a panel discussion on Thursday 21 March, from 08:00 to 12:00, in the Jean-Marie Adjaffi room, on the theme: The role of research in the ecological and energy transition in Africa: state of play and prospects. This panel will be moderated by the General Director of CSRS, Prof. Inza Koné.

Expecting about 6000 participants, JFAC will have on the agenda high level panels, participatory workshops, exhibitions and as a bonus Awards rewarding winners for their actions and innovations in favor of ecology in Africa.

For more information about JFAC days, come, visit us, and follow us on our Facebook page (@csrsci / CSRS - Research in Partnership for Sustainable Development) and our Twitter account (@CSRS_CIV).

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