Socio-Educational Activities / Emerging Researchers visit the CSRS

To guarantee a pool of well-qualified researchers for the future decades, it is now essential to stimulate the vocation of research among the youngest (undergraduate and graduate students). The CSRS has been working for more than 60 years through conferences, public events and visits to its premises to arouse this vocation.

It is in this context that the sixty-eight (68) best students from GLORIS Private Schools located in Yopougon-Niangon visited the CSRS on Wednesday, March 20, 2019. The aim of this visit was to inspire the interest of research among young students and facilitate meeting with researchers in full activity.

Mr Dosso Djibril, as the documentary information manager, thanked the visitors on behalf of the Directorates of CSRS, saying that he was very honored by the interest of GLORIS School for the CSRS.  

Subsequently, he presented the institution, the main fields of activity covering environmental, biodiversity and food security issues. Moreover, he mentioned the support given by the CSRS for the training of students and researchers, particularly on the use of technologies and systems of information.

After this intervention, the delegation visited the various laboratories of CSRS, the Documentation and Information Center (CDI) and the herbarium. In view of the series of questions asked at each visited place, it is clear that this visit has aroused the curiosity of the students about research.  

Once these places were visited, Dr Zoro Bertin Goné Bi, botanist interested on fauna flora relationship and Dr Clarisse Houngbedji, epidemiologist and parasitologist, 2 associated researchers at CSRS, shared, in turn, their experience in the field of research. This was to promote the vocation for research, critical thinking and excellence.

This second series of presentation ended the visit. The delegation returned satisfied, thanking all the Direction of the CSRS for these moments of very rewarding discoveries.

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