World Days of Administrative Assistants and Secretaries / Administrative Assistants of the CSRS in the spotlight

As the linchpin of good administration functioning, administrative assistants and secretaries play a vital and indispensable role in the daily management of our institutions. True interface between the outside world and the collaborators of an institution, they occupy a key position.

The CSRS wants to highlight the exceptional women who participate in the smooth running of its activities during the World Day dedicated to them.

From the organization of missions, through the management of administrative mail, the establishment of various administrative documents, support for the organization of events, etc., the administrative assistants and secretaries have the responsibility to carry out all these tasks for more than 300 people (employees or researchers) of the CSRS, from different origins and cultures, all equally demanding. They also intervene in the management of communication between the CSRS and more than one hundred partners in the world.  

These are 5 Administrative Assistants, who respond efficiently to requests, guide and inform employees and researchers about CSRS procedures and facilitate the day-to-day management of project activities. Ultimately, by their actions, they participate in the radiation of CSRS.  

All CSRS staff (employees and researchers), through the General Directorate, want to reiterate their deep gratitude for the quality work they do every day.  

As a reminder, the World Day of Administrative Assistants and Secretaries has been initiated in 1951 at the United States as "Party of secretaries".   This special day is held every 3rd Thursday of the month of April.

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