Socio-educational activities / Reinforcing a dynamic of excellence among the youngest

Saturday, June 08, 2019, took place at  Yopougon Professional High School, the festivities marking the 30 years anniversary of '' La Fine Fleur ''. A school that welcomes kindergarten, elementary and high school students.

Under the chairmanship of Professor Inza Koné, Director General of the Centre Suisse de Recherches Scientifiques en Côte d'Ivoire (CSRS) and under the High Patronage of Mr. Gilbert Kafana Koné, Minister of State and Mayor of the Municipality of Yopougon, these festivities brought together national education stakeholders, representatives of Yopougon City Hall, customary and traditional leaders, parents of students and alumni, as well as partners from the school.
The students, first actors of these festivities, did not fail to show their talents. The guests were treated to artistic, cultural and theatrical performances.

The ceremony was furnished with speeches, which included, among others, those of the Founder of the school, Ms. Dao and Prof. Inza Koné.
In her remarks, the founder of la Fine Fleur came back on the history of the school. She took the opportunity to salute the courage and selflessness shown by the founders and teachers since the creation of this one. She then reassured the parents about the success of their children: the school will always remain scotched to these principles: "Effort, Control, Follow-up".
Finally, she wanted to thank all the people and partners who consented their effort for the success of the event.

Following him, Prof. Inza Koné, took the floor to first present the CSRS, its actions and its activities, particularly in the field of continuing education. He then dwelt on the men and women, both employees and researchers, who make the CSRS an institution of excellence. Finally, he urged the students of la Fine Fleur to redouble their efforts in their work, to be conscientious and to always strive for excellence. Especially when the environment in which they learn is a reference in the field of education.

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