• OPENING 2021
  • 1thirth april - Working session  - M. Tshopp
  • Anniversary 70 years
  • Workshop CR4D - Tiassale
  • Agreement RED CROSS and CSRS on 30th April 2021
  • Agreement UNA - 2021
  • AOP IGP 30th april 2021
  • international conférence

CSRS Board of Directors: Strengthening the integrity of research

The CSRS Board of Directors met on Thursday 1st June 2017 in its first session of the year. A highlight of this Board chaired by Professor Thiam Assane, Director of the Cabinet of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research was the first participation of Professor Marcel Tanner as the [......]

CSRS Annual Retreat 2017: Dohouan Symbol of Research Impact

The traditional annual retreat of the Centre Suisse de Recherches Scientifiques en Côte d’Ivoire (CSRS) held from 10 to 13 May 2017 in Aboisso. This retreat, which was attended by some thirty participants, was very singular in that it was held in a context of a change of direction for the CSRS. [......]