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Posté le : 23/12/2019
FOSC opened co-funded call on food systems and climate

The new Horizon 2020 ERA‐NET‐Cofund on Food Systems and Climate (FOSC) opened its trans‐continental call for

research proposals in the field of food systems and climate. The call will support basic and applied research and is

focused on the interactions between climate change and food systems: assessing the consequences of climate change

on agri‐food markets and developing sustainable and resilient food value chains in the context of changing food needs

and patterns (diets).  

This call is one of the actions of the Implementation Plan of FACCE‐JPI and a means of collaboration between FACCE

JPI and Belmont Forum membersto address one of their common research area’s: food security under climate change.

After LEAP‐Agri (ERA‐NET Cofund 2016‐2021), FOSC will also contribute to the HLPD EU/Africa roadmap ambition to

“align, under a common vision, existing joint R&I activities” in the long term.

FOSC Contacts 

Project coordination: French National Research Agency (ANR), France

Communication: Wageningen University & Research, The Netherlands,

Call Secretariat: Federal Office for Agriculture and Food (BLE), Germany