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Posté le : 25/03/2019

Belmont Forum CRA



A copy of the Expression of Interest (EoI) form must be submitted by the Consortium’s Lead Principal Investigator (PI) (or the Consortium Lead PI organization where appropriate) through the electronic registration system accessible through, by the application deadline. Consortium Leads are requested to write directly into the system. However, the accompanying form may be used to formulate your response and to share the EoI drafts among your consortium members.

Note: Both Consortium Lead and Partner PIs should make sure to check the National Annexes for their country and contact the National Contact Point if required. There may be additional national application requirements in the EoI phase.

General guidance for all registrants:

· responses must be written in English.

· the different sections of the application should not exceed the prescribed maximum number of characters. Characters beyond the limit will be removed.

· any documents other than those requested as part of the registration will not be forwarded to Panel members.

· monetary must be provided in thousands of Euros (K€).

1. Project title

Give a project title which clearly describes the research content of your consortium.

2. Project acronym

Choose a short acronym for your project.

3. Topic(s)

Projects should address one or more of the following topics:

i. Food systems and nutrition; 

ii. Heat and health; 

iii. Climate-sensitive infectious diseases; 

4. Duration

Indicate the duration of the project and anticipated start date. The starting date of the project should be between 1 December 2019 and 1 February 2020. The project should last 3 or 4 years, depending on the eligibility criteria of involved funders as detailed in the National Annexes.

5. Project summary (max 2100 characters including spaces, suitable for public release)

Provide a summary describing the proposed research program and expected impact in plain language suitable for general audience. If selected for development to a full proposal, this project summary will carry through to the Full Proposal (although minor amendments will be acceptable).

Summaries will be published if the proposal is selected.

6. Key words

Give at least three and up to ten keywords that represent the scientific content of your proposal. These will be used to assist in identifying reviewers. 

7. Summary of participating organizations

A brief summary of information on the participating organizations and their role in the consortium will automatically be generated in the online submission system from the information provided in sections 7.1 – 7.n. Participating Organizations.

7.1. – 7.n  Participating organization

Provide detailed information on each organization, including the organizations of the Consortium Lead, Partner PI’s, In-Kind Collaborators, Fully Self-Funded Collaborators, and Stakeholders.  Include potential funding sources, and contact details. Please check with your National Annex for eligibility.  Fully Funded Collaborators who bring their own secured budget are allowed from any country.

8. Summary of applicants

A brief summary of information on consortium members and their role in the consortium will automatically be generated in the online submission system from the information provided in sections 8.1 – 8.n Principal Investigators.

8.1. – 8.n . Principal investigators

Provide detailed information on the Consortium Lead PI and each Partner PI, including organization (from section 8. Participating Organization). Please check with your National Annex for eligibility requirements and any limits on the number of official Partner PIs. 

For each PI, 1400 characters summary of key achievements that are relevant to the research proposed and up to 5 most recent relevant publications should be included. Fully self-finance collaborators who bring their own secured budget are allowed from any country. 

9. Provisional Financial Summary

Describe your Provisional Financial Summary for the Consortium Lead and each Partner PI in the table. The currency unit must be thousands of Euros (K€).

10. Data Management – Expected Outputs

What types of datasets and other digital outputs of long-term value do you expect the project will produce or reuse? "Long-term" means those data and digital outputs that will or may be of value to others within your research community and/or the wider research, innovation, and stakeholder communities.

11. Data Management – Plan Personnel

Which member(s) of your team will be responsible for developing, implementing, overseeing, and updating the Data and Digital Outputs Management Plan?

12. Data Management – Long-Term Support

How have you accounted for the costs required to manage the data and digital outputs to ensure long-term accessibility?


Please note that all applicants applying for funding from the Academy of Finland are required to submit a document of max 3 pages comprised of a max 2 page c.v. and a list of the 10 most relevant/important publications.  This information is required for eligibility checks therefore applicants may be rejected if they fail to submit this information.

For questions, contact your National Call Contact Points.

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