Elimination of rabies in Africa: Experts are thinking on the issue in Grand Bassam

The African Rabies Control Network (PARACON), in partnership with the Afrique One-ASPIRE consortium and CSRS, organized the African Regional Meeting of the Rabies Elimination Initiative. This initiative is part of the Global Alliance for the Control of Rabies (GARC). The meeting was held in Grand Bassam on 29-30 June 2016 in the presence of representatives from 16 countries in West and Central Africa. Five areas were discussed during the work. These include (i) exchanges of experience and capacity building among specialists, (ii) analysis of the situation of the initiative, (iii) assessment of tools and method of control, ( (iv) training in the use of data and database analysis bulletin; and (v) cost estimation and donor identification. In view of the conclusions, the major challenges remain, the estimation of the canine population, the strategy for a good immunization coverage, the financing of the vaccination and the awareness of the populations on the problem.

Rabies is a viral disease transmissible mainly from dogs, cats to humans through bites and scratches. When the disease is declared in man or in animals, death is inevitable. The fight therefore involves the vaccination of animals and the scientific evidence shows that the transmission of rabies can be interrupted between the dog and the man with a vaccination coverage of 70% in dogs. It is 100% preventable. In Côte d'Ivoire a program to estimate the weight of rabies is financed by the GAVI Foundation and led by a consortium of institutions using the One Health approach (

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