End-of-year celebration 2018: The merit of a well-done work

As usual, the CSRS celebrated its traditional end-of-year celebration on Friday, December 21, 2018. This event was enhanced by the presence of several personalities, including members of the Scientific Council of the CSRS, the Secretary for the Medal of Honor for Work who is Ms Zemblé Emiline, and Mr Gbana Hillary, representing the Minister of Employment and Social Protection of Côte d'Ivoire.  

Once again, this year, speeches, games and artistic and cultural performances animated this day of celebration for CSRS employees and researchers. Among the speeches were those of the President of the Employees' Association, the Staff Delegate and finally the General Director, Prof Inza Koné.  

The first three speakers mentioned, in turn, thanked the Director General, and his team, for having taken into account all their requests since the change of Management in July 2018.  

As for the Director General, he congratulated his collaborators who work for the influence of the CSRS, both nationally, regionally and internationally. He invited them to continue in this direction, and at the same time reassured them of the willingness of the CSRS General Management to always take into account the complaints of employees and researchers. Prof. Inza Koné also took the opportunity to present the trophy for good governance, which was awarded to him on Thursday, December 20, 2018, by the African Observatory for the Promotion of Good Governance, during the second edition of the "Gala Dinner for the presentation of awards to West African emerging actors" at the Palm Club Hotel in Cocody. According to him, this traditional celebration is an opportunity for the CSRS General Management to say thank you to these men and women who, every day, actively work for its influence.  

One of the major highlights of this end-of-year celebration in 2018 was the decoration ceremony held by the Ministry of Employment and Social Protection of Côte d'Ivoire.  Mr. Guibrina Barry has 37 years of service, Ms. Juliette Yao has 15 years of service, Mr. Roger Kpon has 23 years of service and Mr. Victor Kohi has 18 years of service. Each of these four employees received, in order of merit (years spent at the CSRS), the Medal of Honor for their work, awarded by the Ministry of Employment and Social Protection of Côte d'Ivoire.

After these various speeches and decorations, the celebration was able to take its course. At the end of the evening, there was a symbolic presentation of gifts to the children of CSRS employees and researchers.

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