Solemn opening CSRS 2019 / Food and nutritional security at the center of discussions

The traditional solemn opening of the CSRS was held on Tuesday 26 and Wednesday 27 February 2019, at its headquarters in Adiopodoumé Km 17.
The theme chosen for the first day of this fourth edition was "the contribution of tubers and roots (yams and cassava) and livestock in the fight against the food and nutritional security deficit". This topic was discussed during this experience sharing activity between the various national and international institutions that are partners of the CSRS. The richness and diversity of the speakers and guests present on this occasion enhanced the quality of this event.

After the usual Akwaba of the Director General, Prof. Inza Koné and the President of the CSRS Board of Directors, Prof. Pétronille Acray-Zengbe, to the participants, five experts on food security subjects made presentations in turn. They are respectively i) Dr. Hgaza Kouamé, project manager, senior researcher at the CSRS and professor-researcher at the Péléforo Gon Coulibaly University of Korhogo; ii) Prof. Georges Amani, expert and professor-researcher at the Nangui Abrogoua University, Member of the Scientific Council of the CSRS; iii) Dr. Kouassi Abou Bakari, Professor-researcher at the Genetics Laboratory of the Biosciences Department of the Félix Houphouët-Boigny University; (iv) Mr Tré bi Tré, expert from the Ministry of Animal Production and Fisheries Resources of Côte d'Ivoire; (v) Dr Abdrahmane Wane, economist at CIRAD. In addition to these panelists, there were the remarkable contributions of Mr Lorgn, Director of FIRCA and Ms Abega Joëlle, Director of the Nestlé Research Center. The first briefly presented the achievements of FIRCA-funded research and innovation projects on yams and cassava, sectors that ''are not sufficiently organized'', as he deplored. Ms Abega Joelle took the opportunity to present Nestlé's contribution to the fight against food insecurity and poverty in Africa. Thus, all these contributions have shown the important place occupied by these speculations (yam, cassava) and livestock farming at the national and international level. Indeed, Ivorian yam production is ranked third in the world and cassava seventh.  These speculations are located in the first and second places as pillars of consumption in the Ivorian population. Yam and cassava therefore make a significant contribution to the food security of the Ivorian population. However, structural challenges remain. One of the difficulties identified during the discussions was the industrialization of tuber and livestock products. These discussions highlighted the lack of total industrialization of ready-to-eat products such as yams, cassava and livestock.

After the exchanges between the audience and the speakers, Prof. Koné Inza closed the first day of the Solemn opening CSRS 2019. This closing word was essentially a call for a synergy of actions between researchers and both public and private partners to make these speculations national priorities in the face of the seduction of non-food speculation.

The second day was dedicated to the heads of research and project groups, heads of special units, and heads of services. It was an opportunity for them to present their various action plans for 2019.

As a reminder, the solemn reopening of the CSRS was intended to serve a threefold purpose: (1) to symbolically mark the official resumption of activities in 2019, (2) to establish new research partnerships and (3) to revise the action plans of the CSRS research groups and administrative services.

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