End of year party 2019 / The Management Committee, employees and researchers of the CSRS share a friendly moment

At the start of the new year, the CSRS did not break the rule by organizing its traditional end-of-year party in honor of its researchers and employees.

To this end, on Friday December 20, 2019, the Management Committee, the researchers and the employees left their offices for one day to share together a moment full of joy and conviviality.

The celebration began with a series of speeches with Mr. Victor Kohi, President of the CSRS staff association and President of the Organizing Committee to thank the CSRS General Management and welcome all the guests. Following him, Dr. Bertin Zoro, President of the association of researchers and Mr. Jean-Baptiste Assamoi, First Staff Delegate, spoke. The staff representative took the opportunity to present certain complaints to the CSRS management, namely the visit of the occupational doctor to the other CSRS stations.
Finally, the Management Committee, headed by the Director General, Prof Inza Koné started by thanking the people present at the festivities. He then congratulated his collaborators on the work accomplished during the year and urged them to always work for the smooth running of the CSRS. Tributes were also paid to those who disappeared during the year.

In the following events, the speeches gave way to a series of entertainment activities. Initially, we attended the trophy presentation with the prize of the CEO of the CSRS to the winner of the football tournament. Then, the live orchestra, quiz sessions, dances, performances by artists and the karaoke moment brightened the audience. The frank participation of employees, researchers and especially that of the Management Committee during these various recreational activities brought a special touch to the festivities.

It is on this beautiful note that the 2019 end of year party at the CSRS ended until a new year full of joy and excellence.

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