Official launch of the 3rd edition of the African Days of Ecology and Climate Change

The start of the 3rd edition of the African Days of Ecology and Climate Change (JFAC 2020) was given on Monday, February 10, 2020 at the Azalaï Hotel of Marcory in Abidjan.

This year, these days, which are intended to be the 1st West African forum for exchange and market for good ecological practices and green technologies, will be held in the Aries region (Toumodi and Yamoussoukro), from 16 to 21 March 2020.

According to the organizers, this choice was made because of the ecological vulnerability of this area, a natural barrier between the southern forest and northern savannah. Indeed, the country's first climate-displaced people, especially farmers, left this area because of the strong degradation of arable land and poor management of natural resources.

The JFAC 2020 will therefore be an opportunity to present strategic plans for soil restoration, but above all for reconciling agricultural and forestry development in order to produce a regional climate program for sustainable management of natural resources.

The objective of JFAC 2020 is also to initiate a process of sustainable ecological transition throughout the Aries region and to mobilize climate finance to support local stakeholders. To make the Aries region and the Yamoussoukro District ecological models.
The CSRS, a privileged partner of this event, will be present at these days. The CSRS will present its activities, actions and research results, particularly in relation to the environment and climate change.

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