Guided tour of the INADCI in the Swiss Centre

Wednesday 20th January 2021

It is in the morning of Wednesday, January 20, 2021 that a delegation of the National Institute of Administrators of Côte d'Ivoire was received by Professor Inza Koné, Managing Director of the Swiss Centre for Scientific Research in Côte d'Ivoire at the site of Adiopodoumé. At the head of the delegation, Mrs. Viviane ZUNON-KIPRE, President of the Board of Directors of INADCI was accompanied by Mr. Ted AZOUMA, Deputy Executive Director and Mr. KONE Katia, Project Manager within this institute.The INADCI was born on 9th April 2013 from Mrs ZUNON-KIPRE's desire to professionalise the profession of director and to promote CSR in companies. This is how the "GREEN PLAN" project was conceived. For the INADCI, which has more than 300 members, companies and individuals, the aim is to launch a reforestation plan over the period 2021-2032, which should lead to the creation of 10 hectares of forest per year.The President returned to the fact that the company is a factor of change in society. The GREEN PLAN Project is a concrete CSR approach that requires a choice of reliable partners.  Professor Inza Koné in turn captivated the audience with a presentation on CSRS. The "small scientific research station" created in 1951 has become a centre of excellence, a jewel of Ivorian-Swiss cooperation, a reference point for national scientific research, but not only a centre of excellence in the field of scientific research, ... 
The entry of WAEMU into the CSRS Board of Directors in December 2020 will contribute to strengthening its sub-regional vocation. Professor Koné welcomed the multidisciplinary nature of the research, which leads to a diversity of interlocutors and partnerships.  Indeed, at the CSRS, four (04) thematic research groups (Conservation and Valorization of Natural Resources, Food Security and Nutrition, Environment and Health and Governance, Society and Economic Development) share eight (8) main areas of activity which place the Swiss Centre at the heart of the achievement of SDOs in Africa. It should be noted that the Centre, which is the executing agency of PASRES, hosts between 50 and 70 active projects per year. One of the indicators of the dynamism of a research institution is the number of publications; it was found that the Swiss Centre totals about 100 publications per year in quality journals, which represents 20% of the scientific publications in Côte d'Ivoire. This presentation was followed by exchanges between the delegation and a panel of researchers and employees of the CSRS. Each in his or her own field and through his or her speech demonstrated that, far from preconceived ideas, scientific research leads to convincing results and brings about significant changes in our lives. This half-day immersion at the Centre highlighted the need to communicate much more about the successes of scientific research in Africa and the various fields concerned; nutrition, animal and human health, biodiversity conservation...The President did not fail to mention the many avenues and partnership prospects that this quality presentation opened up for a frank and fruitful collaboration between INAD CI and the Swiss Centre. As a woman, she was also touched by the presence of young and dynamic women scientists. Mr. Ted AZOUMA pointed out the basic elements of this first partnership between the INADCI and the Swiss Centre, namely a global partnership with the INADCI according to the 11 partnership principles adopted by the CSRS and in particular within the framework of the "Green Plan". This multidisciplinarity and synergy of action between the 150 researchers and the 86 employees of the CSRS give this institution a special cachet; a pool of diverse talents in a framework that encourages individual leadership. The celebration of the CSRS's 70th anniversary in 2021 will be an opportunity for the CSRS to communicate to a wider target audience the many results of the research carried out over the past decades for the well-being of mankind and the preservation of biodiversity.The meeting with the INADCI delegation opened up important prospects for forging quality partnerships with directors of public and private companies wishing to innovate in their commitment to the implementation of CSR. There is no doubt that the INADCI and the Swiss Centre, which share a commitment to community service, will be able to consolidate this quality partnership.

* The National Institute of Administrators of Côte d'Ivoire 


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