Songon, 12 July 2023 (AIP)- On Tuesday 11 July 2023, the President of the Canton of Basel-Stadt, Beat Jans, laid the foundation stone for the Yopougon Millionnaire Extension Sokouadou health centre, in the company of the Mayor of Yopougon, Gilbert Kafana Koné, and the President of the National Assembly, Adama Bictogo.

The dispensary will be built on a 2,000 m2 plot of land and is being financed by the Department of Basel Township to the tune of 347 million FCFA. It is the result of a twinning arrangement between the Canton of Basel-Stadt and the commune of Yopougon.

According to mayor Koné Kafana, the health facility is in line with the social policy implemented by the town council to considerably reduce the suffering of the local population. He expressed his gratitude to the delegation from the Presidential Department of the Canton of Basel-City in Switzerland for the work carried out on behalf of his constituents.

"The Centre Suisse de Recherches Scientifiques (CSRS) will be involved in the management of this health centre. The centre will be used as an observatory for collecting health data", added Beat Jans, President of the Canton of Basel-Stadt.

He pointed out that the aim of the twinning agreement signed in 2021 between the Canton of Basel-Stadt and the municipality of Yopougon is to work together to contribute to sustainable development by focusing on public health.

Construction work on the Yopougon Millionnaire Extension health centre is due to be completed in five months, it has been announced.