The two winning teams proudly pose with the CSRS DG.

As a prelude to the traditional end-of-year party at the Centre Suisse de Recherches Scientifiques en Côte d'Ivoire, the sports club organized several activities, including a Maracana tournament on Wednesday December 13, 2023. 

This recreational afternoon brought together four teams, including two women's teams (RH and DAF) and two men's teams (DRD and DRV), at the CNRA grounds in Adiopodoumé. 

Prior to the start of hostilities, CSRS Director General Prof. Inza Koné, who was joined by Mr. Roger Kpon, Head of the TSI department, congratulated the sports club as well as all employees and sports researchers before kicking off.

The competitions began with the two women's teams facing off, followed by the men's teams. After hard-fought matches, the women's RH team and the men's DRD team emerged victorious. 

The trophies were presented to the winning teams by the General Manager, in a wonderful atmosphere. After congratulating the winners and encouraging the losers, Prof. Inza Koné expressed his wish that in future years a friendly match would be organized between the CSRS team and all the villages of Dohouan.  

In addition to the Maracana tournament, the program also included goal shooting, Ludo, Ladies, Sprint and Cards. 

The event was organized by Djibril Dosso, Cédric Komenan, Firmin Missa, Roland Akré and Cyrille Kouassi.

Nicole Soro