Family photo of the players involved in value enhancement and innovation

Scientific Research, the Direction de la valorisation et de l'innovation (D), organized a workshop to reflect on the strategic orientation and/or approach in line with the policy assigned by its supervisory body.

According to Dr Charlemagne Nindjin, Director of the DVI, the aim of this activity, held on October 09, 2023 at the Centre de Suisse de Recherches Scientifiques located in Adiopodoumé, is to implement actions to improve the performance of his department better to meet the expectations of partners by adopting a constructive and consensual roadmap.

In his view, we need to work in synergy with all the players in the research ecosystem, the private sector and the Côte d'Ivoire community. We also need to build bridges between the private and public sectors, using appropriately structured tools and instruments such as the virtual marketplace.

On behalf of his hierarchy, Pr Bamba Aboudramane, Director of Research, expressed his confidence in the results of the workshop. Given the theme: "Exchange on the DVI vision and 2023-2024 action strategy", he had no doubt that the results of the exchanges would contribute to the development of an effective strategy for the structural transformation of the Ivorian economy, through synergies between the players in the research, private sector and community ecosystem in Côte d'Ivoire. Hosting the workshop, Pr Koudou Benjamin, Deputy Director General of the Centre Suisse de Recherches Scientifiques (CSRS) in Côte d'Ivoire, reminded participants that research and innovation are strategic issues for all nations. It is a prerequisite not only for growth and wealth creation, but also for improving the well-being of all. 

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