Tribute to Christophe Boesch

It is with profound sadness and immense respect that the Swiss Center for Scientific Research in Ivory Coast (CSRS) pays tribute to the distinguished primatologist Christophe Boesch, who has left us. As the father of primatology in Ivory Coast, he laid the groundwork for a science that has deeply marked our understanding of humanity's closest relatives, the chimpanzees. Founder of the Taï Chimpanzee Project (TCP) in 1979, Christophe Boesch not only established a pioneering research program but also contributed to the training of several generations of primatologists, including a hundred internationally and about ten from Ivory Coast. His work revolutionized our perception of the complex behaviors of chimpanzees and made an invaluable contribution to the study of hominization.

Beyond his scientific research, Christophe Boesch founded the Wild Chimpanzee Foundation (WCF), which played a decisive role in the conservation of chimpanzees and biodiversity in Ivory Coast, as well as in Sierra Leone and Guinea. His commitment to the protection of these sensitive and intelligent beings has left an indelible mark on the conservation of wildlife. The loss of Christophe Boesch is immense, but his legacy will endure through the work he inspired and the many lives he touched. He remains a living legend, whose personality and actions will continue to inspire future generations of primatologists in Ivory Coast, Africa, and around the world.

We extend our most sincere thoughts to his family, loved ones, and the scientific community that today mourns an extraordinary man. In his honor, the CSRS commits to perpetuating the spirit of curiosity, excellence, and dedication that characterized Christophe Boesch's life. We will continue our mission with the same passion and commitment to science and conservation that Christophe embodied throughout his life.


Prof. Inza Koné, Director General of the CSRS