Songon, March 8, 2023 (AIP) - The Swiss Centre for Scientific Research (CSRS) in Côte d'Ivoire, on Wednesday, March 8, 2023, celebrated the women of the institution, during a ceremony held at its headquarters in Adiopodoumé, as part of the commemoration of the International Women's Rights Day.

The Administrative and Financial Director of CSRS, Khady Badiène Sall, on behalf of the Director General, Prof. Inza KONE, launched the festivities dedicated to the event, recalling that her institution did not remain on the sidelines of this commemorative day.

"In all our fields of research, there is a good segregation of beneficiaries by gender and a great deal of emphasis is placed on the empowerment of women, including through the introduction of technologies to facilitate their work and increase their income," said the representative of the Director General of CSRS.

She recalled that the CSRS has set up a gender unit which has been tasked with guiding the management on relevant intervention paths and putting in place a gender policy. "I confirm that women feel respected and valued at the CSRS," added Ms. Sall.

The head of the CSRS gender unit, Dr Estelle Kabran, for her part, testified that the 30% quota in positions of responsibility is largely exceeded within the centre. "The CSRS has a rate of 36.4% of women among its employees and researchers," she said.

Of the 167 researchers associated with the CSRS, 54 are women and 113 are men, i.e. 32.33% women. Of the 81 employees in the administrative and financial department, there are 37 women and 44 men. Thus, the rate of women in strategic positions is well above the national average.